WOWWOW Retractable Triangular Eyebrow Pencil 1pc #05 Black Brown

WOWWOW Retractable Triangular Eyebrow Pencil 1pc #05 Black Brown

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Product Category: Personal Care
Product Sub-Category: Makeup > Eye

Product Details:
Wow Wow is a French brand that specializes in cosmetics. Its eye and eyebrow makeup products are particularly outstanding in the market. It formulated with True Color Technology, enabling shade pigments to reveal their true brightness and vividness for ultimate wear.The appearance of the eyebrows on women is particularly important, therefore, an eyebrow pencil that is easy to use and clearly colored is the best choice for you!Wow Wow colors always deliver superior performance, its upgraded version pencil designed with retractable triangular tip, perfect-defined eyebrows, easy-to-hold, plus the smooth creamy formulation, it gives perfect control to create natural-looking eyebrows.Also, enhancing the coloring, durability, waterproof, so that no matter when and where, your beauty look remains unchanged!Brand: Bonjour Global Development Limited

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