Radiant Light Color Therapy Kit Orange 15 oz Spray+1 bulb from Rachel Perry

Radiant Light Color Therapy Kit Orange 15 oz Spray+1 bulb from Rachel Perry

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Product Category: Stress Relief
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Rachel’s Radiant Light Color Therapy Respiratory, Intestinal Health, Anti-Depressant, Vitality Colored Spray Mist – Orange The color ORANGE is often used to help respiratory or intestinal problems. It helps relieve spasms or cramps, aid in digestion and helps to normalize the thyroid gland, kidneys, spleen and colon. It helps replenish depleted enthusiasm, reverses depression and restores vitality. What is Color Therapy The Ancient Art and Practice of Color Therapy has been successfully used for centuries, but as with so many ancient therapies, research and testing has only been taken seriously by the scientific community for about thirty years. Studies done at UCLA and hundreds of other research facilities, worldwide, have shown the validity of using Color Therapy. All colors are defined as "Radiant Light Energy" and are said by Holistic practitioners, and the scientific community alike, to be nutrients. Now that many people are utilizing Holistic remedies such as Aromatherapy, I feel that the time is right to share yet another gift from nature –Color Therapy. How to Use Color Therapy First, read what each color represents, you will automatically know from your own mind and body, what color or colors you need to use. Once you chose the appropriate color, spray your entire body with your selected Color Mist, put the matching Colored Light Bulb into an desk lamp and direct the light toward your body. Now lie down, and relax for twenty to thirty minutes. That’s it! Use as a Facial Mist: This is another extremely beneficial function. Hold Mist Bottle approximately ten to twelve inches in front of you, and then proceed to mist your face. While still damp, apply a Moisturizer or Cream to lock in the Moisture. You can repeat this several times a day, or whenever you like it. It will keep the skin hydrated, refreshed, ph Balanced and enliven skin tone that is tired-looking or lacks that radiant glow. Use as a Body Splash or Bosy Spritzer: Spray mist your entire body after shower or bath. While body is still damp, apply a Body Moisturizer or Body Oil to lock in the Moisture and keep your skin soft, supple and glowing. In addition to the Therapeutic Benefits of the Color, I formulated a special Herbal/Plant Complex to help relieve tired, achy muscles and joints, renew energy and restore Electrolytes, Moisture, Nutrients and Antioxidants to the skin. These special ingredients leave the skin feeling wonderfully soft and smooth. The spray Mists have been combined with special Essences (Aromas/Scents) that harmonize with the colors. This heightens the impact of the product. More about Color Therapy There are Seven Energy Centers of the Body and Mind (also called "Charkas"), and each Center emits a specific Colored Light Ray (Wavelength). If there is a lack of color in any Energy Center, an imbalance occurs which, in turn, causes problems and illness. Rachel’s Radiant Light Color Therapy System supplies the depleted Energy Center with the color needed to balance the Electromagnetic Field (also called the "Aura") surrounding the body. A state of wellness can then be achieved. There is scientific documentation that "COLORED LIGHT RAYS (WAVELENGTHS) ARE RECEIVED THROUGH THE SKIN." We developed a system that is based on this knowledge. You may feel that you need different colors at different times, depending on your physical or emotional state. I have found this to work for me. In my busy lifestyle, there are times when I need relief from stress or tight muscles. I will then use the colors for calming and balancing. At other time, when involved in a big project, I really have a need for more physical energy, mental clarity or a somewhat more assertive attitude toward people and situations. Do not hesitate to use different colors at different times. RACHEL PERRY IS THE FIRST TO COMBINE COLOR THERAPY WITH AROMATHERAPY, GIVING A NEW DIMENSION TO NATURAL SKIN CARE AND HOLISTIC HEALTH.

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