Diarrex 50 tabs from Hylands (Hyland’s)

Diarrex 50 tabs from Hylands (Hyland's)

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Product Category: Digestion Health
Product Sub-Category: Digestion Formula

Product Details:
Diarrex Tablets Quick dissolving tablets. Have you ever been traveling and not been able to enjoy the trip because rather than seeing the sights you’re just looking for the next bathroom? Well, if you are on the road or at home, Hyland’s Diarrex offers all-natural relief for the not-so-pleasant effects of diarrhea. Hyland’s Diarrex has no known contraindications or side effects. Indications for Use: 100% natural temporary relief of symptoms of acute gastrointestinal distress associated with nonspecific diarrhea. Hylands Diarrex Ingredients: Arsenicum Alb. 6X HPUS – for dark, offensive stool Podophyllum Pelt. 6X HPUS – for profuse, watery stool Chamomilla 6X HPUS – for hot, green, watery stool Phosphorus 6X HPUS – for painless, copious, involuntary, debilitating diarrhea Mercurius Viv. 6X HPUS – for greenish, slimy painful stool. Feeling of "never-get-done." In a base of Lactose (milk sugar), NF.

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