Cold Sore Cream (Homeopathic Cream) 1 oz from Nature’s Answer

Cold Sore Cream (Homeopathic Cream) 1 oz from Nature's Answer

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Product Category: Pain Relief
Product Sub-Category: Cold Fever Relief

Product Details:
Cold Sore Cream Homeopathic Cream To help relieve and heal COLD SORES and FEVER BLISTERS. Cold Sore Cream Ingredients: Active Ingredients: Urtica urens IX HPUS-25%, Sarsaparilla IX HPUS-16%, Inula helenium IX HPUS-15%, Thuja accidentalis IX HPUS-10%, Capsicum annuum IX HPUS-6% Suggested Use: Apply cream gently to affected area 2-3 times a day.

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