Magna Rx Transdermal Topical Lotion, Maximum Male Strength Performance Formula ( MagnaRX )

Magna Rx Transdermal Topical Lotion, Maximum Male Strength Performance Formula ( MagnaRX )

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Magna-Rx Lotion – Maximum Male Strength Performance Formula Magna-Rx Transdermal Topical Lotion, has been designed and trademarked as a self-pleasuring topical lotion to significantly and quickly increase the amount of nitric oxide directly in the special area you need it most. You’ll be amazed as you actually feel it going to work almost instantly after you rub it on. MAGNA-RX LOTION WORKS FROM THE OUTSIDE IN: By applying Dr. Aguilar’s new, fast-acting, powerful topical lotion any time you desire to give your biggest and best performance. Only moments after you rub it in, you’ll actually feel the potent botanicals of this incredible new lotion go to work as it safely increases blood flow for maximum erectile size and stimulation. The genius behind MAGNA-RX+ is George Aguilar, M.D., a Board Certified Urologist who has treated over 70,000 patients with erectile problems. He is a member of the College of Urology and the director of 46 urologists. Dr. Aguilar is also past-president of his State Society of Urologists. After the worldwide success of his acclaimed MAGNA-RX+ formula, Dr. Aguilar has continued to research safe, new, effective, allnatural ways to achieve maximum male enhancement, superior sexual performance, and ultimate pleasure. Now his new male enhancement breakthrough has just been approved for distribution throughout the U.S. with absolutely no prescription necessary. Dr. Aguilar, along with a dedicated team of biochemists, successfully designed MAGNA-RX Topical Lotion to accomplish two primary objectives: 1. Be a powerful, fast-acting male enhancement topical lotion that guarantees you give your biggest and best bedroom performance exactly when you need it most; 2. Maximize the results of Dr. Aguilar’s original MAGNA-RX+ Male Performance Pill formula. By systematically combining the unique synergetic benefits of these two powerful, yet diverse, male enhancement and performance delivery systems, Dr. Aguilar has simultaneously redefined and raised the bar for ?_true male enhancement ??and has clearly established the new standard by which all similar products will almost certainly be judged.

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