Drink HRW Rejuvenation H2 tablets

Drink HRW Rejuvenation H2 tablets
Drink HRW Rejuvenation H2 tablets

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Micellized Pure PC – A specialized formulation that enhances cellular membrane function, promoting lipid metabolism and aiding in health and wellness

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What Is Hydrogen-Rich Water (HRW)? HRW is just water with free hydrogen (H2) molecules dissolved into it. Adding Drink HRW Tablets to water is like adding carbon dioxide bubbles, only more beneficial.

Why Should I Use Drink HRW Tablets? Drink HRW Tablets deliver more hydrogen to your cells than any other product on the market. Our tablets have been clinically-shown (yes, they used Drink HRW in the studies!) to have health benefits ranging from enhanced alertness to reductions in liver fat to improved aerobic fitness.

DRINK HRW STUDY #1: Improved Alertness.In a 2020 study published in the journal Neurophysiology, Drink HRW tablets improved alertness in sleep deprived participants equally to caffeine, with none of the side effects.

DRINK HRW STUDY #2: Metabolic Enhancement.Compared to placebo, Drink HRW tablets improved 18 of 20 markers of metabolic health in 60 adults with metabolic syndrome.

DRINK HRW STUDY #3: Liver Health.In a 2019 randomized controlled trial, Drink HRW tablets significantly reduced liver fat accumulation, improved insulin sensitivity by 11%, and reduced AST by 10% in patients with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD).

DRINK HRW STUDY #4: Enhanced Aerobic Fitness.In a 2018 randomized controlled trial, women showed improvements in cardiorespiratory fitness (VO2 max), time to exhaustion and total work completed after using Drink HRW Tablets.

Are There Other Benefits of Hydrogen Water? The above studies only scratch the surface of what molecular hydrogen can do. Researchers call hydrogen a master regulator because it brings many processes in the human body into harmony. Thirteen years of clinical research show that molecular hydrogen has rejuvenative effects, including improvements in energy, exercise capacity, and metabolic health. Molecular hydration also supports a healthy inflammatory response, a key component of healthy aging.

Who Are Drink HRW Tablets For? Pro athletes from the NFL, NHL, UFC and CrossFit Games use Drink HRW to gain an edge over the competition. But Drink HRW isn’t just for athletes. Anyone can benefit from the mind-body harmonizing effects of molecular hydrogen. And in case you were wondering, there are no reported side effects attributed to drinking hydrogen water in all the published literature.

Informed Sports Certification Ingredients

Magnesium, malic acid, dextrose, tartaric acid, adipic acid, sodium stearyl fumarate.


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Place a tablet in 12-17 ounces water (open cup), wait 1 – 2 minutes for dissolution, drink immediately, and enjoy the boost. Based on the evidence, we recommend using 2 tablets per day.


PRO ATHLETES LOVE DRINK HRW Drink HRW Rejuvenation Blue Raspberry H2 tablets are a paradigm-shattering leap forward in molecular hydrogen tablet technology. The tablets result from a patent-pending formulation and process that maximize the reaction and dissolution kinetics for creating molecular hydrogen.

But more importantly, this keeps the hydrogen in the water in order to deliver the highest concentrations of hydrogen-rich water on the market.

While some technologies may create more hydrogen, the water itself is left with very low levels of H2, even as low as 1/100th of what Rejuvenation Blue Raspberry H2 tablets are capable of.

Check out our current certifications on our hydrogen products here >>

Benefits of Drink HRW Rejuvenation Blue Raspberry H2 tablets include the following:

Improving athletic performance and recovery

Supporting a healthy redox, the harmony between our natural antioxidant defense and beneficial oxidative species

Supporting a healthy inflammatory response

Supporting our body’s resilience to a wide array of stresses

Delivering 80mg of highly bioavailable magnesium per tablet

What is hydrogen water?

With over 1500+ and 85+ human studies about its potential health benefits, including 80+ clinical trials, molecular hydrogen is emerging as one of the most exciting research topics pertaining to health, wellness, and longevity.

Molecular hydrogen research exploded as a potential therapy following the seminal article published in Nature Medicine, which described H2 as a selective scavenger able to neutralize the nasty hydroxyl free radical, notorious for wreaking untold havoc on our cells and mitochondria.

Since then, researchers worldwide have begun studying molecular hydrogen on every organ and on close to 200 different models and counting. Hydrogen water as a delivery method is widely considered by researchers as the easiest and most effective way for consumers to administer this critical gas.

In some cases, hydrogen water works when other delivery methods, such as gas inhalation, do not – even at 1/100th the dose!

Why Hydrogen Tablets?

Since hydrogen water has become the next big topic for longevity research in Japan, the questions have become How do we get it in the water?, How do we keep it in the water?, and How do we get the highest concentrations?

While there are other methods of creating hydrogen water, they pale in comparison to the open-cup hydrogen tablets. Ionizers and PEM machines produce a fraction of the molecular hydrogen, and the machines often cost thousands of dollars. Ionizers often deliver less than 0.1 parts per million (PPM) of molecular hydrogen, and most models are incapable of delivering higher than 1 PPM in the best-case scenarios. PEM machines struggle to get 1 PPM.

Hydrogen tablets are able to create extremely high levels of H2 in the water, with Rejuvenation Blue Raspberry tablets able to produce a peak concentration of about 12ppm in 500ml of water.

Why Drink HRW Rejuvenation Blue Raspberry H2 Tablets?

Rejuvenation Blue Raspberry H2 tablets are the first open-cup hydrogen tablet. No other hydrogen tablet on the market creates more molecular hydrogen.

Where other hydrogen tablet manufacturers advise people to swallow the tablets, creating a potentially hazardous reaction inside the stomach, or require tedious preparation in a sealed bottle followed by hours of waiting to get a fraction of the H2, Rejuvenation Blue Raspberry H2 tablets are simply dropped in an open container and ready to be consumed with the highest levels of hydrogen water on the market in 1-2 minutes, depending on water temperature. No other method creates more hydrogen, retains higher amounts of hydrogen in the water, or is as simple.

Rejuvenation Blue Raspberry H2 Drink HRW tablets soar above the crowd in performance, efficacy, and ease of use.

What’s more, Rejuvenation Blue Raspberry H2 tablets have the most extensive research, both pre-clinical and clinical, of any hydrogen water product on the market. Rejuvenation Blue Raspberry H2 tablets are also the only brand with Informed-Sport certification, meaning they have been tested for all potential contaminants that could harm amateur and professional athletes’ careers.

Read about Rejuvenation Blue Raspberry H2 Drink HRW tablets becoming Informed-Sport-certified here: here.

Check out our current certifications on our hydrogen products here >>

Informed Sports Certification Ingredients

Magnesium, 80mg other ingredients: Malic Acid, Dextrose, Adipic Acid, Tartaric Acid, Natural Raspberry Powder, Sucralose

Directions of use:

Place a tablet in 12-17 ounces water (open cup), wait 1 – 2 minutes for dissolution, drink immediately, and enjoy the boost. Based on the evidence, we recommend using 2 tablets per day.

Brand: Vita Express

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