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Thursday, December 8th, 2005

Dec. 7-13, 2005 
Seattle Weekly – Dec 06 9:31 PM
Public Access: Ricky Powell Photographs 19852005 Photographer of hip-hop artists and celebrities, New York scenester Ricky Powell exhibits his pix and signs his new book, Public Access: Ricky Powell Photographs 19852005 . (Slide show and party the night before.)Save to My Web

Optimism can make you healthy 
Summit Daily News – Dec 04 4:13 PM
Choosing to be optimistic does influence the health of your body and mind, therefore increasing your quality of life. Many of us may believe that pessimism chooses us, but the opposite is true. We always choose how we feel about our experiences. Choosing suggests the ability to choose again.Save to My Web

MSPP Spirituality Program and Conference Seek to Build a Community 
Newswise – Dec 02 11:29 AM
Mental health experts estimate that about 80 percent of patients bring up their spiritual life during therapy but only about 15 percent of therapists are trained to work with that aspect of a patient’s life to enhance healing.Save to My Web

Bay Area Christians find the balance between faith, sexuality 
Inside Bay Area – Dec 04 3:09 AM
SAN FRANCISCO Brett Lutz became a Christian in 1980. Seven years later he announced he was gay.Save to My Web

Is this the Breakthrough we Have Been Seeking? 
[Press Release] PR Web – Nov 30 12:41 AM
Dennis Puffett created a website with the prime purpose of easing pain and stress for those most in need. In a totally unexpected and add on Gift, the website is generating feel good energy of its own. The power of the site continues to grow prompting the expectation that it will replace drug dependence, and improve the quality of life for many people. [PRWEB Nov 30, 2005]Save to My Web

Celebrities Find Purpose in Energy Muse Jewelry 
[Press Release] PR Web – Dec 01 12:18 AM
Energy Muse, a leader in spiritual jewelry, shines as a fashion accessory among the Hollywood elite. [PRWEB Dec 1, 2005]Save to My Web

A European breakthrough in renewable clean energy in abundance may change the earth forever 
India Daily – Nov 27 9:57 AM
It was a 5-year project to develop and test a commercially-sized marine current turbine. The turbine was installed in the summer of 2003 off Foreland Point, near Lynmouth on the North Devon coast of England, and has been successfully operated and tested sincethen.Save to My Web

Celebrities Find Purpose in Energy Muse Jewelry 
[Press Release] PR Web via Yahoo! News – Nov 30 11:00 PM
(PRWEB) December 1, 2005 — Energy Muse, ( www.Save to My Web

Here’s the new drill 
Newsday – Nov 29 4:42 PM
‘I really like going to the dentist,” said 8-year-old Ashley Konanez of East Northport. “It’s the best thing since sliced bread,” added her mother, Geraldine.Save to My Web

CLOSE-UP: Judith Forsyth: Tai Chi Practitioner Finds Well-Being in Blending Cultures 
RedNova – Nov 29 11:37 AM
East meets West at Judith Forsyths Bending Tree Tai Chi. Forsyth received a bachelor of science degree in exercise physiology from Virginia Wesleyan College, and has studied with Tai Chi Master Jim Scott Behrends in California.Save to My Web

Thursday, December 8th, 2005

Chakra Healing

However, the man who is centered and established in right thinking, the man who sends out only good-will to his fellow-man, and who is without fear, cannot be touched or influenced by the negative thoughts of others. In fact, he could then receive only good thoughts, as he himself, sends forth only thoughts.

Thursday, December 8th, 2005

Healing Candles

Thus the invisible forces are ever working for man who is always “pulling the strings” himself, though he does not know it. Owing to the vibratory power of words, whatever man voices, he begins to attract. People who continually speak of disease, invariably attract it.

Thursday, December 8th, 2005

Pins & Needles 
State Press – Nov 30 12:22 AM
When psychology senior Jaclyn Trecokas was a freshman in college, drinking a glass of milk was enough to leave her body writhing in pain. But today she says she can eat or drink whatever she wants thanks to acupuncture, an ancient healing method. And she’s not alone.Save to My Web

Here’s the new drill 
Newsday – Nov 29 4:42 PM
‘I really like going to the dentist,” said 8-year-old Ashley Konanez of East Northport. “It’s the best thing since sliced bread,” added her mother, Geraldine.Save to My Web

Philippines Wins Five Top Asia Spa Awards – Nov 25 4:39 PM
Bandar Seri Begawan – The Philippine spa and wellness industry bagged five top awards at the Baccarat AsiaSpa Awards in Hongkong recently, the Philippine Embassy announced yesterday.Save to My Web

Careful living equals graceful aging 
Minneapolis-St. Paul Star Tribune – Dec 06 2:23 PM
The Twin Cities area is the last stop on his seven-week book tour, and even the careful-living Dr. Andrew Weil is feeling the stress. He’s gained about 10 pounds. He’s not getting to bed at his usual 9:30 or 10 p.m. His yoga, meditation and breath work have suffered. Even his standard walking and cycling routines are nearly impossible when he’s on tour.Save to My Web

Drew Hopes to Be Healthy Alternative 
Los Angeles Times – Nov 30 12:37 AM
Outfielder will meet with Dodger team doctors today, wants to put injuries behind him.Save to My Web

Breaking: Slamdance Film Festival entries announced 
Salt Lake Tribune – Dec 07 11:54 AM
Twenty-six feature films and 57 shorts will screen at the 12th annual Slamdance International Film Festival, organizers of the alternative-to-Sundance event announced.Save to My Web

Our Opinion The heroes in our midst 
Daily Dispatch – Nov 30 11:35 PM
TODAY, World Aids Day is celebrated across the globe. It is the time when nations take stock of the cost of the disease that is still without cure, where activists celebrate humanity’s courageous fight against a pandemic that steals lives with no consideration for race, class and gender.Save to My Web

Crossville MBTC visits local churches 
Trumann Democrat – Dec 07 9:08 AM
The Crossville Mission Bible Training Center Praise and Worship team will be touring local churches Dec. 7 through Dec. 11. Crossville Mission Bible Training Center, a division of Mission Teens, Inc., is an eight to 10 month Christian alternative to drug and alcohol rehabilitation, as well as for those with emotional issues.Save to My Web

US turns against death penalty as 1,000th prisoner is executed 
Independent – Dec 02 4:57 PM
With the final words “God bless everybody in here”, Kenneth Boyd became the 1,000th prisoner to be put to death in the United States since capital punishment was reinstated nearly 30 years ago.Save to My Web

MRS. EDDY’S CHURCH: Coral Gables woman is at helm of Christian Science denomination, which is trying to move forward by  
Miami Herald – Dec 05 2:18 AM
”A falcon family has lived here for 10 years,” Mary ”Trinka” Trammell is saying by way of welcome. ”They come, they nest, they lay their eggs. The Audubon Society keeps making visits, and they’ve banded these little things each year.” Let those snobbish New Yorkers be smeared with bad press for trying to evict high-rise hawks Pale Male and Lola. Here atop the First Church of Christ, Save to My Web

Wednesday, December 7th, 2005

Childhood Depression

Now, I said, “Go back to the bank and tell them, fearlessly, that it was given you, there by mistake.”

Tuesday, December 6th, 2005

Daily Planner
Enterprise-Record, CA – Nov 11, 2005 Second Saturday. WALK-IN REIKI CLINIC: 10 am-2 pm 341 Broadway, Suite 210, Chico. A form of energy healing. 521-1090. Second Saturday. AA: Noon, 5:30 pm daily.

Sport and Spirit workshop gives new meaning to running in circles
Santa Cruz Sentinel, CA – Dec 1, 2005 the combination works because Huichol shamanism emphasizes the healing of the drumming, storytelling and workouts, Taylor said she emerged with renewed energy.

Ninth District hopeful opens his campaign
Columbia Daily Tribune, MO – Dec 3, 2005 yesterday, Burghard declared the beginning of “an era of true healing and unification in He also criticized the recent energy bill, saying it provided new tax

Health calendar, MI – 2 hours ago (248) 582-0100. Healing Touch,working with body energy to maintain and regain balance and flow for healing. 1-3 pm Waterford Senior Center, 6455 Harper Ave.

Understanding trauma and its aftermath
Santa Cruz Sentinel, CA – Nov 28, 2005 in an attempt to replay the scenario so that the energy can be and therapist Peter Levine’s groundbreaking book “Waking the Tiger: Healing Trauma” explains the

Finally, a Comprehensive Guide on the Healing Power of Enzymes Is
PR Web (press release), WA – Nov 28, 2005 They are essential to true healing in its most basic sense: the restoration of but also heal chronic health problems and boost overall energy, stamina, and

Time has healed PCVS’ wound as a ‘positive energy’ takes firm root
Lindsay This Week, Canada – Nov 23, 2005 School community, the past 12 months have been marked by grieving, healing and moving forward “It took a lot of time before it moved into that positive energy.”.

Holistic approach to cancer treatment
MSNBC – Dec 5, 2005 It also offers qi gong, a Chinese practice, and reiki, a Japanese method, — both designed to channel energy for pain relief and healing.

The Beauty Source: Mahadeo’s magic
Stabroek News, Guyana – Dec 3, 2005 Mahadeo, who is a trained aesthetician, offers facials, massages and Reiki, one of the more widely known forms of energy healing.

Friday, December 2nd, 2005

Alternative Healing School Online – Michigan State Licensed School of Massage Therapy
Michigan State Licsensed School of Massage Therapy. Located In Rochester Michigan. … you for expressing your interest in Alternative Healing State Licensed School of Therapeutic Massage … information you are seeking. Alternative Healing was founded in 1995 and is …

UM-SSW: SPEC 734-001: Complementary, Alternative, and Indigenous Healing Systems
… the range of complementary, alternative, and indigenous healing traditions that are found in … the ability to collaborate with alternative healing practitioners. The course will look …

Diploma Courses in alternative healing
Certified Behavioral Therapist Course (400-Hour) This training program offers the most advanced, comprehensive and in depth approach to the broadest spectrum of alternative, holistic healing and hypnotherapy techniques. … preparing for a professional alternative healing practice the greatest advantage in …

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Holistic Healing,Alternative Healing, Natural Healing, personal growth trainings, Body-Wisdom Institute, classes, trainings, workshops, retreats, wisdom of the Body guides the healing process … workshops and classes in the areas of holistic healing, alternative healing, personal growth, and self actualization …

Toni Zuper
This year (2005) the boat is full!

Alternative holistic energy healing – Body-Mind-Spirit-Emotions
… ALTERNATIVE HEALING. Alternative Healing may be defined as any method of healing that varies … tolerating their patients’ use of Alternative Healing, and some are actually recommending …

Healer Soul – Alternative Healing
resources for advanced and increased knowledge in healing solutions and methods of healing, spiritual healing, alternative healing, articles and extensive library

Alternative Healing
Find alternative healing practitioners. … use a variety of alternative healing techniques without resorting to pharmaceutical … fasting, spiritual healing and energy healing. Holistic > Categories > Alternative Healing …

Death, Dying and Terminal Illness – Spirituality, Alternative Health, Yoga, Meditation
This website provides helpful articles, art gallery, extensive annotated website resources on meditation, yoga, self-realization, healing music, retreats, aromatherapy, general, more. … to cope through mediumship, understanding and hope. SPIRITUALITY & ALTERNATIVE HEALING. TABLE OF CONTENTS: …

Friday, December 2nd, 2005

Alternative Healing Schools

Life is a mirror, and we find only ourselves reflected in our associates.