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Sunday, November 27th, 2005

Sounds from the Past affecting the Future

maxaweb and www.ceansiren.blogspot.codSounds from the Past affecting the Future


Sounds from the Past affecting the Future


Sounds from the Past affecting the Future


Getting Ahead of Myself


Louisette Lanteigne’s New Website


Renewable Energy Today – WOW Energies Announces Launch of New Solar Technology
July 21, 2005 — Sugar Land, TX-based WOW Energies recently announced the launch of its new process for converting solar energy into electricity — the cascading closed …

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2005

Zen Meditate Techniques How To Meditate

We are also told in the fifty-fifth Psalm, to “cast thy burden upon the Lord.” Many passages in the Bible state that the battle is God’s not man’s and that man is always to “stand still” and see the Salvation of the Lord.

Monday, November 21st, 2005

Healing Energy

Continually “making-believe,” impresses the subconscious. If one makes believe he is rich, and makes believe he is successful, in “due time he will reap.”

Sunday, November 20th, 2005

Alternative Healing Approaches
Alternative Healing Approaches Updated: October 12, 2005. The Basics What is Complementary and Alternative Medicine National Center for complementary and

Complementary and Alternative Healing University
Qigong, herb dictionary. Classes offered in California. Maintained by Joe Hing Kwok Chu.

Alternative Healing
Self healing through chakra meditation and aura balancing with a quartz crystal.

About Holistic Healing – Body Mind Spirit – Chakras – Energy Medicine
Comprehensive holistic health directory offers a variety of alternative healing modalities, integrative and complementary medicine information,

Alternative Healing
Alternative healing includes different healing techniques like reiki, yoga, aromatherapy, gemtherapy, homeopathy, fengshui, colour therapy.

Saturday, November 19th, 2005

Seniors find natural pain remedies for arthritis more affordable
The Open Press (press release) – Nov 16, 2005 arthritis medication have put some seniors on the path of alternative and natural pain remedy that combines the ancient arts of natural healing with advanced

Jennifer Harper-Deacon What’s the alternative?
Times Online, UK – Nov 7, 2005 Can you suggest an alternative that may alleviate the wheeziness? A gentle and healing way to help relax and relieve tightness in the chest is to inhale

Pueblo Chieftain, CO – Oct 29, 2005 But the Pueblo native was able to find treatment and eventually a cure through alternative healing methods, she said. Today, she

Inquirer News Service
Philippine Explorer, Philippines – 6 hours ago give the Philippine presentation on the seven traditional means of healing, namely, dinalisay audience belied a keen interest in hilot as an alternative mode of

On the winding road to recovery
Sierra Sun (subscription), CA – 11 hours ago received pessimistic expectations for recovery from his doctors, Gledhill and his wife, Jackie Ginley, opted to test a path of alternative healing methods.

Lets Live with Yoga
ClickPress (press release), United Arab Emirates – Nov 11, 2005 ages, has been used as an alternative cure for various ailments. Our ancient sages used yoga to heal their bodies from various diseases. The healing science of

RP gears up to become the new haven for wellness
Manila Times, Philippines – Nov 14, 2005 We re not talking about faith healing, but a combination of conventional and alternative medicines, offered with an attractive travel package, that at the

Exploring the body s healing energy
Exeter News-Letter, NH – Nov 8, 2005 Belief that there is a powerful energy within every human being has prompted many people today to explore alternative methods of healing.

Physicians James Gordon, Erminia Guarneri, Kathi Kemper and Dean
Yahoo! News (press release) – Nov 11, 2005 In October 2005, the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM that is predicated on the importance of the healing partnership between

Aaah a trip to the spa
Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, NY – Nov 13, 2005 estate in Geneseo, leans more toward what is calls “healing arts therapy Along with massage and hydrotherapy, it offers alternative therapies such as acupuncture

Friday, November 18th, 2005

Long Distance Healing, QXCI long distance healing
and bioresonance frequencies, the QXCI offers in-person and long distance healing . QXCI addresses the following physical issues and more: ADD/ADHD, Addictions

Reiki Distance Healing
With Reiki distance healing you can heal your dearest in hospital or on another contient, when they sleep Reiki Distance Healing Can Influence Your Destiny With Reiki distance healing we understand

Rev. Munro, A Healer of God: Healing, Distance Healing, Spiritual
Healer Of God does Long distance & in person healing, spiritual guidance sessions, more. Distance Healings Spiritual Guidance Prayer Requests Christ Light Ministries .com

Tuesday, November 15th, 2005

Reiki – Reiki Distance Healing – Reiki Remote Energy Healing
Energy healing sessions range from single event treatment to thirty days. Uses of Reiki, contact information.

Stillpoint Foundation & School
You can also become a Certified Stillpoint Life-Healing Coach & Spiritual will speak on Intuitive Energy: Enhancing Healing for You & Your Clients

Intuitive Energy Healing | Natural Healing | Nancy Clark Ph.D.
Courses and workshops by medical intuitive Nancy A. Clark. Tucson, Arizona.

Tuesday, November 15th, 2005

Since you asked
Salon – Nov 7, 2005 I got the feeling she was beginning to distance herself. He’s still healing from his illness, but we are so proud of how far he has come.

Church should not oppose Minutemen
Brownsville Herald, TX United States – Oct 18, 2005 and economic interests in the United States, and that you distance yourself from the Minutemen and other law-abiding and spiritual people in healing our broken

Entertainment Calendar
Charlotte Observer, NC – Oct 16, 2005 Music, healing arts, poetry, juried handicrafts, folk art, kid’s activities club participation, best unfinished, speed shop pick, longest distance, rod father

800-plus expected at Day of Healing
Wabash Plain Dealer, IN – Oct 27, 2005 as the Honeywell Center welcomes guests to the 13th annual Day of Healing: A Personal Growth Conference. Many people will be traveling a distance this weekend

Liberia: HERE WE GO AGAIN!! THE ROAD TO PERDITION .WHAT A SHAME, New York – Oct 27, 2005 We are committed to this healing process; please let us live in peace. 1940 We mastered the air, we conquered the sea, annihilated distance and prolonged

By MICHELLE MARTIN/of the Daily Ledger
Canton Daily Ledger, IL – Oct 17, 2005 a lot of scabs, but there is a good prognosis for total healing, Amanda said But they will be living just a short distance from another family, the Canton Fire

Of interest to seniors
Danvers Herald, MA – Nov 10, 2005 Diane Moran, a grief counselor for the Grief and Healing Center, will provide of Boston,” will offer places to discover or rediscover a short distance from home

Priest’s Nazi slur slammed in city council
Belfast Telegraph, United Kingdom – Nov 2, 2005 “As a council, we need to distance ourselves from this from the heart” but he added: “There was an apology and I’m glad to see that – perhaps healing can begin

Tuesday, November 15th, 2005

Reiki – Reiki Distance Healing – Reiki Remote Energy Healing
Reiki distance healing is Reiki remote energy healing that uses Reiki energy to help stress reduction, depression treatment, test anxiety and so much more.

Free Reiki Distance Healing courtesy of Akashan Pathways
free reiki distance healing Your free reiki distance healing will be performed through the use of a Antahkarana grid and is performed free of charge to the

:: healing reiki :: distance healing
Healing reiki for your physical, emotional and spiritual well being. Receive reiki healing for donation.

Monday, November 14th, 2005

Suicides On Videotape

This is the law of Karma, which is Sanskrit for “Comeback.” “Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.”