Ginkgold Max Ginkgo Extract 120mg 30 tabs from Nature’s Way

Ginkgold Max Ginkgo Extract 120mg 30 tabs from Nature's Way

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Product Category: Herbal Supplements
Product Sub-Category: Ginkgo Biloba

Product Details:
Ginkgold Max For Mental Sharpness, Memory and Concentration Activates All Areas of the Brain – Once Daily 120 mg Gink gold Max – World’s #1 Selling Ginkgo! Improved Memory and Concentration Ginkgold is clinically shown to improve mental sharpness and stimulate an increase of activity in all areas of the brain. Healthy Blood Flow to the Brain Ginkgold supports healthy circulation to the brain and the extremities, helps maintain blood Bessel tone and reduces blood viscosity. Antioxidant Protection Ginkgold protects against free radicals. Oxidative stress can adversely affect the health of brain and blood vessel tissues.

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