Sagee – Pure Herbal Formula Extract 90 Capsules

Sagee - Pure Herbal Formula Extract 90 Capsules

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Sagee – Pure Herbal Nutritional Formula Supplement for Brain Health The brain is the most metabolically active organ in the body, yet stress, improper medication, lack of exercise, unbalanced diet, radiation and other environmental pollutants pose a continuous threat to brain’s health and vitality. Sagee is a pure natural formula with 100% herbal extract for a healthy brain. The most important factor of normal brain function is the blood supply to brain, and the nutrient and oxygen content of the blood. Some herbs could help to increase the blood circulation to the brain so that it can stay at its peak performance. Recent studies show that brain cells continue to develop even in adulthood, suggesting that damage caused by injury and disease is repairable. Sagee Ingredients: Fleece-flower stem, Wolfberry fruit, Siberian solomonseal rhizome, Red sage root, Magnolia vine fruit, Saflower, ChuanXiong rhizome, Polygala root, Walnit kernek, Grassleaved sweetflag, Rhizome. Sagee Pure Herbal Formula Extract 90 Capsules Recommendation: 2 Sagee capsules each time and twice a day, before breakfast and dinner. Sagee Clinical Trail Cases Case 1: Ms. Li, Shasha(46), suffered from insomnia for many years. She tried most available products for her insomnia, but even after heavier and heavier dosage, her serious sleeping problem remained. After taking 2 capsules of SAGEE twice a day for two weeks, she could sleep soundly and enjoy normal life. Case 2: Mr. Chen, Qiang (76), a famous actor suffered a stroke and was in unconsciousness for days. He could not recognize his family members nor take care of himself afterwards. On the 9th day of the incident, his doctor recommended him to take SAGEE. After 5 months, his condition was significantly improved. Now he can walk freely and take fluently. Case 3: Mr. Wang, Weiping (30), has genetic brain disease with communication barrier. After taking SAGEE for 6 months, his behavior and capability was progressing effectively. He now can communicate with family members with little difficulties. He can even drive a car, which was impossible for him before. Case 4: Mr. Zhou, Zhou (25), has genetic brain disease. He could not take care of his daily life at the age of 22. After taking SAGEE for 3 years, his behavior and capability have improved dramatically. He now can do daily house works and go shopping. His music potential was also brought into his life. In 2001, he was given a special honor to direct the Boston Orchestra in the United States. His father said that SAGEE gave his son a brand new life.

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