Banyan Botanicals Ashwagandha – Promotes Vitality & Strength, 90 tab

Banyan Botanicals Ashwagandha - Promotes Vitality & Strength, 90 tab

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Ashwagandha is one of the most highly regarded and commonly used adaptogens in the Ayurvedic pharmacopoeia. Maximizing the bodies ability to resist stress, it enables the body to reserve and sustain vital energy throughout the day while promoting sound, restful sleep at night. It is considered one of the best herbs for calming vata and for revitalizing the male reproductive system. Used by both men and women, it maintains proper nourishment of the tissues, particularly muscle and bone, while supporting proper function of the adrenals. This potent herb is also used as an anti-inflammatory to support comfortable joint movement. Ashwagandha prevents or minimizes imbalances that may lead to disease, whether from poor diet, lack of sleep, mental or physical strain, or chemical toxins in the environment. It has also been used to increase libido and potency, for it is said to bestow upon its user the vitality and strength of a horse.    * Boosts energy levels    * Promotes relaxation and sound, restful sleep    * General adaptogen for combating stress    * Supports healthy libidoAyurvedic Energetics:Rasa (taste): bitter, astringent, sweetVirya (action): heatingVipaka (post-digestive effect): sweetDoshas (constitutions): Balancing for vata and kapha, may aggravate pitta in excess (Brand: Banyan Botanicals)

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