Trimedica SilvaSolution – Spray, 2 oz

Trimedica SilvaSolution - Spray, 2 oz

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Product Details:
TriMedica SilvaSolution is a unique, proprietary blend of pure liquid microscopic homeopathic silver (argentum metallicum) plus other powerful homeopathic medicines that provide an extraordinary natural treatment alternative for symptoms of colds, flu and more. Unlike other brands of liquid silver, pure SilvaSolution contains no particle fallout, additives, preservatives or contaminants such as chlorine or heavy metals found in products which use unpurified water in their manufacturing process.How Does SilvaSolution Work?SilvaSolution contains cold and flu fighting liquid microscopic silver (argentum metallicum) in pure filtered, ozonated water, plus other powerful homeopathic medicines that are effective against cold and flu symptoms like runny or stuffy nose, headache, sore throat, cough, chills, night sweats, nausea and body aches. SilvaSolution is an all-natural, side effect-free remedy. Plus, there are so many great SilvaSolution products to choose from for both internal and external treatments!Ingredients: Revitalized water, 99.9995% pure silver (micron size .001-.004 and less) 5-10 parts per million (ppm).Directions: When possible, apply to the affected area as needed.Considered by many as a Natural antibacterial. Independent laboratory tests show that TriMedica Colloidal Silver is the best you can buy, because it provides everything that doctors and researchers recommend:1. Water Purity: Unlike other brands, we use only revitalized ozonated water which ensures maximum effectiveness and purity. Also, lab tests confirm zero silver precipitates which mean no potency fall out and longer shelf life.2. Particle Size: The smaller the silver particle size (0.001-0.004 microns or less), the more effective the product. Our silver particles are the smallest of all brands tested. Also, larger silver particles produce yellow or amber colored product, while ours is clear, pure and, as users prove, the most effective Colloidal Silver you can buy!Trimedica Colloidal Silver is prepared by a totally unique proprietary process that combines pure revitalized ozonated water and special catalysts for maximum effectiveness. (Brand: Trimedica)

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