Traditional Medicinals – Organic Tea – Yerba Mate, 6 Units / 16 bag

Traditional Medicinals - Organic Tea - Yerba Mate, 6 Units / 16 bag

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MatT is traditionally used in Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay as a daily stimulant beverage. Like tea or coffee, drinking matT promotes alertness due to its naturally occurring caffeine content. Clinical data shows that beverages with caffeine help to restore mental alertness to those experiencing fatigue.Our yerba matT comes from the beautiful Guayaki Rainforest Reserve, located in the Mata Atlantica rainforest of Paraguay. Local and indigenous families who grow the yerba matT use sustainable growing methods to protect the environment and preserve an important source of livelihoods for future generations. This organic yerba matT is shade-grown, then hand-picked, wood-dried and cedar-aged for premium quality and exceptional flavor.How does it taste? Slightly astringent, bitter and smoky. Add a sweetener, if desired.

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