Dancing Paws – Shake ‘N Zyme Dogs & Cats – 4.4 oz

Dancing Paws - Shake 'N Zyme Dogs & Cats - 4.4 oz

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Product Category: Pet Health
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Product Details:
Proper digestion is the foundation for superior health. Enzymes assist the body in properly digesting food and assimilating nutrients. Shake’N’Zyme? is an all-natural, Cheddar and Romano cheese flavored, vegetarian enzyme formula with a probiotics boost to help ensure optimum digestion, assimilation and utilization of nutrients. Our comprehensive, proprietary formula also includes organic dulse*, a rich source of minerals, to help spark enzyme activity. In addition, Shake’N’Zyme? was designed to address allergies inflammatory/irritable bowel conditions, dermatitis and colitis. With our convenient shaker, proper dosage and regular use for your pet will be as easy as spicing up your favorite dish.

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