Ohco – Cold Snap Caps – 60 caps

Ohco - Cold Snap Caps - 60 caps

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Cold Snap embraces an Oriental philosophy that speaks of an inner strength and outward glow called righteous chi. As an integral part of your health, it will protect you from invasions and cast out any unwanted guest. Vicious energies, such as stress, chills, dampness, heat, and contagious illnesses, are constantly trying to invade the body. Cold Snap, a revolutionary herbal formula, is a tool to build righteous chi and repel these unwanted guests before they move in and invite friends over.Cold Snap does not eliminate, stimulate, or suppress, but rather directs you toward a state of balance at the deepest level. The body’s well-designed systems can then function. This distinction between chasing symptoms and strengthening righteous chi is a phenomenon worth experiencing. You won’t be dried-up, buzzed, or drained by Cold Snap.

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