Emerita – Sexual Vitality Natural Lubricant – 2 oz

Emerita - Sexual Vitality Natural Lubricant - 2 oz

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Product Category: Sexual Health
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Product Details:
Lubrication is a natural part of sexual relations, and sometimes our bodies do not produce enough for our needs (or desires). Using a sexual lubricant can enhance the experience, helping relieve mild vaginal dryness that women occasionally experience during their menstrual cycle or after childbirth. Women should be discriminatory in the use of a lubricant, selecting one free of mineral oil and petroleum distillates. Introducing the Original Natural Personal Lubricant with Vitamin E?, a new personal lubricant formulated especially for women. Free of mineral oil and petroleum distillates, Emerita?s Natural Lubricant supports and protects the delicate vaginal balance. Containing natural ingredients blended in a water-based solution, Emerita?s Natural Lubricant is latex-friendly, completely washable and non-staining.

Sexual Health

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