Futurebiotics – StressAssist – 60 caps

Futurebiotics - StressAssist - 60 caps

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Providing the highest concentration of L-Theanine, scientific studies have shown Suntheanine in Stressassist stimulates alpha brain waves for deep relaxation and mental alertness without drowsiness. Sensoril is a patented, multifunctional stress inhibitor that increases resistance to stress, fatigue, and tension.StressAssist provides a full spectrum of essential B vitamins, which help support adrenal function, calm and maintain a healthy nervous system, and help the body adapt to stress by increasing energy. Zinc, an essential trace element, is added for antioxidant and immune support, along with the adaptogenic herbs Eleuthero Root and Rhodiola rosea. Whole, unextracted Ashwagandha root provides all the natural co-factors that nature created.

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