Oona – Menopause Herbal Supplmnt – 96 tab


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Great for:Hot FlashesMild DepressionOccasional Tension or NervousnessNight SweatsSleep DisturbancesO na is an herbal supplement that naturally promotes a woman’s hormone balance* without the use of artificial hormones. O na’s main ingredient, a fine black cohosh extract, is standardized to its key active compounds. This means O na maintains a specific potency in each serving. And O na adds a chaste tree berry standardized extract to address a broader range of menopausal symptoms,* making this formulation truly unique. O na combines traditional and modern approaches with black cohosh, a member of the buttercup family that’s native to eastern North America, and chaste tree berry, a shrub of the Mediterranean region. Women have used black cohosh for hundreds of years and chaste tree berry since the time of Hippocrates. Embracing the latest technology, O na ensures a reliable strength and delicate balance of these herbal extracts while maintaining the quality and integrity of the entire root and berry.

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