Tropical Oasis – Joint Relief Plus – Glucosamine/Chondroitin Sulfates, 16 oz


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If you have osteoarthritis, as some people do, your typical choices are anti-inflammatory drugs to kill the pain and joint replacement as a last resort. There is another choice; research abroad shows that a natural substance called glucosamine may stop the underlying cause of osteoarthritis, cartilage destruction and even stimulate the regrowth process. Italian studies documented regrowth in just 30 days. Another study, of German and Italian patients, found that glucosamine sulfate suppressed pain as well as ibuprofen did. American doctors increasingly are trying glucosamine, sometimes combined with the natural substance chondroitin. Some patients have improved so much they have avoided joint replacement surgery. Amal Das, an orthopedic surgeon in North Carolina, has documented the reversal of osteoarthritis-cartilage growth in some patients using natural remedies. Any side effects of glucosamine, especially when compared with bleeding ulcers caused by conventional anti-inflammatory are mild.

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