Wintergreen Gel Toothpaste 5 oz from Nature’s Gate

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Product Details:
Herbal Wintergreen Gel Toothpaste Nature’s Gate natural gel toothpaste, when used daily and with proper brushing, helps promote good oral health. Our Wintergreen Gel Toothpaste formulation includes an abundance of Free Calcium (derived from Extracts of Carrots and Calcium Ascorbate), a natural strengthening component of teeth that helps remove plaque. Our gentle, fluoride-free gel also includes a combination of Vitamin C and Silica to help clean and whiten your teeth and Goldenseal extract to help maintain healthy gums. Ingredients Vegetable Glycerin, Silica (Mineral), Purified Water, Hydrogenated Starch Hydrolysate (Corn), Goldenseal Extract, Cellulose Gum (Vegetable), Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (from Coconut Oil), Calcium Ascorbate (Vitamin C), Calcium Glycerophosphate (Calcium Mineral), Carrot Extract, Annatto, Azulene, Natural Wintergreen Mint Flavor, Methylparaben.

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