iSatori H+Blocker Pre-Workout Muscle Intensifier 600g (H + Blocker)


Retail Price: $56.34
Your Special Price: $46.95

Product Category: Sports Nutrition
Product Sub-Category: Muscle Building

Product Details:
H+BLOCKERThe World’s First Carnosine Synthesizer / Pre-Workout Muscle Intensifier Increases carnosine levels to allow higher maintenance of ATP, intensify workouts, and maximize total power output Improves peak muscular contractions and muscle fullness Influences Type IIx fast-twitch fibers (seen more in muscular athletes and pro bodybuilders) Enhances recovery time between reps, sets, and workouts Delicious "fruit punch" flavored drink mix Contains enough for 30 workouts A Pre-Workout Muscle Intensifier Improves Peak Muscle Contraction! New muscle growth. It’s what you train for, right? But, if it’s been a while since someone has complimented you on your muscular size

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