Regenovar 2.7 Lbs, Enhance Muscle Size, Strength and Recuperation, Refreshing Raspberry Lemonade


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Product Details:
Sterling Grant Laboratories™ addresses the most important part of any athlete’s nutritional program with Regenovar, a post-workout super-cocktail. Post-workout nutrition is essential to reaching any fitness goal. Upon completion of a strenuous workout, individuals are depleted of glycogen and starved for muscle building amino acids. This post workout period is a window of opportunity to optimize your workout by supplying the body with what it needs to recuperate and grow. Regenovar&trade contains a huge 50 grams of rapidly absorbed, high quality protein in the form of Regenopro™. Regenopro™ is a protein complex consisting of three different types of whey protein. Whey protein was used for its superior quality and its ability to supply the body quickly with the amino acids NEEDED for maximum growth and repair. Glycogen replenishment is also a vital part of a post workout regimen. Regenovar™ contains 60 grams of Glycoload™- a glycogen replenishing complex that will rapidly support recovery as well as increase blood flow and support a nutrient uptaking spike in insulin levels. The result is an enhanced delivery of the other key Regenovar™ components, Creatine, Glutamine, and BCAA’s. Regenovar™ should be at the core of any serious athlete’s nutritional program. Supplement Facts Per 4 Scoop Serving(126grams) Amout Per Serving Calories 466 Calories from Fat 18 %Daily Value Total Fat 2g 3% Saturated Fat .5g 3% cholesterol 10mg 3% Sodium 170mg 7% Potassium 220mg 6% Total Carbohydrate 62g 21% Dietary Fiber 2g 8% Sugars 55g ** Protein 50g 100%   Vitamins & Minerals Vitamin C(Calcium Ascorbate) 50% Vitamin E(Tocopherol Acetate)  25% Vitamin B1(Thiamin) 25% Vitamin B6(Phridozine HCL)  25% Vitamin B12(Cyanacobolamin) 25% Pantothenic Acid 25% Magnesium 25% Chromium Polynicotinate 50mcg 50%       Micronutrients NADH(Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide) 1mg NADH(Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide) 1mg Amino Acids   Creatine      5000mg ** Glutamine 7000mg ** Alanine 250mg ** Isoleucine 750mg ** Leucine 1500mg ** Valine 750mg **       Standardized Extracts NADH(Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide) 1mg  GS4 (Gymnema Syivestre)(Leaf) 15mg ** providing 25% Gymenma Acids  Banaba (Lagerstronmia Speciosa)(Leaf)10mg ** providing 1%Corosolic Acid

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