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Permanent Hair Removal System – Your Professional Electrolysis Hair Removal System – At Home! Vector Electrolysis Hair Removal System by Divine Skin is the most advanced personal hair removal system available. Vector Hair Removal System is designed to permanently remove even the thickest unwanted hair. Thanks to Vector, it is now possible to perform professional electrolysis treatments in the privacy of your own home! The Vector Hair Removal System is the only medical grade electrolysis device available to the consumer. Designed to permanently remove unwanted hair, one hair at a time. Achieves professional results without the use of a needle. Works on all skin types and hair colors. Vector has the same output as professional electrolysis machines Vector Hair Removal System removes even the thickest hairs. Vector is Registered with the FDA (Registration # 9043298). Vector Hair Removal System can save hundreds of dollars on electrolysis treatments, razors, waxes, and depilatories. Free Ground Shipping Unlike other devices that use radio frequencies and batteries, the Vector Hair Removal System uses the process of electrolysis to dissolve the hair follicle with AC power. It is the only personal hair removal system on the market that has the same output as professional electrolysis machines. The Vector Hair Removal System is so advanced that it achieves professional results without the use of a needle. Tweezers are used to make the procedure safer and less painful. The Vector System removes one hair at a time with the included galvanic tweezers. Clinical studies have shown that the Vector system has equivalent effectiveness to professional needle electrolysis. Vector Hair Removal Machine The amazing Vector hair removal machine is only 3" wide, 1 " high, 5" deep and produces same results as professional electrolysis machines that cost thousands of dollars. Now you can perform real electrolysis in your own home without the use of a needle. The Vector hair removal machine also offers other advantages over conventional electrolysis. During conventional electrolysis the patient has to hold a metal rod smeared with gel. With the Vector hair removal machine you only apply a resting electrode patch anywhere on the body and continue with the treatment. It is incredibly easy to operate the Vector. There is no reason to shave anymore. Vector Hair Removal System Includes: The Vector hair removal machine 8 resting electrode patches 2 oz. supply of high viscosity no-needle conductive gel Alligator clip patch cord Galvanic tweezers 120V AC power cord This amazing hair removal system will save you hundreds of dollars on electrolysis treatments, razors, depilatories, and waxes! CAUTIONS: Hair removal achieved by the Vector System is irreversible. Please plan carefully the areas that are to be removed Please read the user’s manual carefully before attempting to use this device Do not attempt to exceed the appropriate power level Do not use the Vector System if you wear a pacemaker or similar device Excessive power applied to any area being treated may result in burns, scabbing, scarring, and other types of permanent skin damage. Please determine safe power levels for your application Keep this device and all of its accessories away from children. Any individuals under 18 years of age must use this device under adult supervision As with most electrical appliances this device contains "live" electrical parts when plugged in. To reduce the risk of death by electric shock: Always unplug this device after use Do not use or store this device where it can fall or can be pulled in to a tub, toilet, or sink Do not use while bathing Do not use near or place in water. More Information on Vector Permanent Hair Removal System: How does the Haire Removal System Work? Truth about Hair Removel Comparison of Hair Removal Methods FAQ on Vector Hair Removal System Reviews on Vector Hair Removal System Enjoy professional strength electrolysis hair removal at home now!

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