Max Fitness Exercise Balls, 65cm Medium Ball with Pump, from Max-Rx


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Product Category: Weight Loss
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Product Details:
Max Fitness Exercise Balls. The primary reason you see these exercise balls everywhere, also referred to as Swiss balls or fitness balls, is because they are simply the best fitness tool to come along in twenty years. Absolutely everyone benefits from training on a fitness ball. Exercises on an exercise ball will increase your flexibility but not demand it at the outset. These exercises can also be made as easy or as hard as one desires. At Max Fitness, our biomechanics experts and certified trainers have devised a Max Fitness program to fit your needs. These programs incorporate Pilates and resistance weight training to help you achieve that lean hard look you’ve always wanted. Don’t waste your money on expensive gym memberships or electronic belts that promise to shock the fat away while you sit on the couch. The beauty of an exercise ball is, you can have it anywhere and get a complete workout with you and the ball. Each ball arrives with it’s own pump which both can be stored inside any small bag and taken anywhere. Hotel rooms, public gyms, private gyms, personal trainers facility, friends house, parents house and even on a camping trip. Pump the ball up and make it a chair. While sitting on it, roll back and forth feeling the workout to your abdominal region. The exercise ball is the safest form of abdominal exercises one can do. It completely isolates the muscles leaving the lower back out of the picture. This prevents horrible back injuries often caused by sit ups and crunches. We have 3 sizes of fitness balls to select from. While many prefer to pick a “color”, this is not the correct method. We have small, medium and large sized balls that are designed for different sized people. Taller people should use the large balls, while shorter people use the small ball. The best bet is to use our chart to determine the correct sized ball for you.

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