EAS Thermo DynamX, 120 Capsules

EAS Thermo DynamX, 120 Capsules

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Product Category: Weight Loss
Product Sub-Category: Fat Burner

Product Details:
EAS Thermo DynamX Dietary Supplement Breakthrough formula Clinically tested Supports fat loss with diet and exercise. Increases metabolic rate Boosts energy & mental focus Does not contain Ephedra What should I expect from using Thermo DynamX? While Thermo DynamX is a powerful tool to accelerate fat loss, it is not a magic pill. Combined with exercise and proper nutrition one may see extraordinary results. There is no known compound or product that will “melt” fat without proper diet and exercise in spite of the high prevalence of exaggerated claims made by many companies. Recommended Use: Take 2-3 Thermo DynamX capsules twice daily before meals, at least 4 hours between servings and 1 hour before exercise. Do not exceed 5 days per week. Do not use more than 12 weeks. After 12 weeks of use, discontinue for 2 weeks. Smaller individuals, or individuals who have never taken Thermogenic products may wish to start with one capsule twice daily and increase the dosage as tolerated.

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