Sweet & Slender Natural Sweetener 1.75 oz/50 packets from Wisdom Natural Brands

Sweet & Slender Natural Sweetener 1.75 oz/50 packets from Wisdom Natural Brands

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Product Category: Tea
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Product Details:
Sweet & Slender Natural Sweetener 1/2 packet Sweet & Slender = 1 tsp of sugar Promotes fat burning Low calorie Low glycemic Great taste! Use in cooking and baking 100 servings per box Enjoy Life – Be Sweet & Slender! Use Sweet & Slender in your coffee, tea, and all other beverages as well as any baking and cooking recipes that call for sugar or fructose. Sweet & Slender is a thermogenic fructose sweetener and therefore may help your body burn stored fat. You will reduce your caloric intake by substituting Sweet & Slender for sugar or fructose, and you will help your body shed pounds. Sweet & Slender is a low glycemic natural sweetener that promotes fat burning when used in place of sugar or other high glycemic sweeteners. When using Sweet & Slender you create a better metabolic environment that promotes fat burning by stabilizing blood sugar and insulin levels due to the low glycemic index of the product. This forces your body to burn stored fat instead of calorie laden high carbohydrate sugars Sweet & Slender natural sweetener is a blend of fructose and an extract from the Luo Han Guo fruit. This product has a low glycemic index (about 20 – sugar has 70) with only 2 calories per serving! Luo Han is an intensely sweet fruit native to southern China that has been used by people for centuries for both its sweet flavor and its medicinal properties. Fructose is a natural fruit sweetener. Because Sweet & Slender is 8-10 times sweeter than sugar and 5 times sweeter than fructose, you use it in small amounts. Ingredients: Fructose, Luo Han Guo Fruit Extract Directions: Add 1/2 to 1 packet to your favorite food or beverage. Adjust to taste.

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