Slimming Tea 15 tea bags from Good Earth Tea

Slimming Tea 15 tea bags from Good Earth Tea

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Slimming Tea – Herbal Diet Tea Slimming Tea is a premium herbal tea formulated according to an authentic Swiss traditional recipe. Slimming Tea supports weight loss by stimulating the production of urine to get rid of excess water and waste products. Ingredients: Birch leaf, Goldenrod herb, Juniper berry, Lemon Balm herb, Licorice root, Fennel seed, Coriander seed, Anise seed, Caraway seed, Peppermint herb. 15 tea bags per box. About Good Earth Tea Good Earth Teas invites you to experience our selections of premium green teas, chai teas, red teas, herbal teas, black teas and medicinal teas from the fields of five continents. We have especially designed our online presence to allow you a personal experience with our products and effortlessly place your orders from the comfort of your own home. Our unique selection will capture your senses as well as your taste buds, from the first whiff, to the last sip. Good Earth tea bags are individually wrapped to ensure their freshness, particularly after the box is opened and stored in a warm kitchen at home or at the office. From the fragrant lemongrass fields of South America to the lush tea plantations of mainland China, Good Earth combs the globe looking for just the right ingredients to blend into our specialty teas and tea blends.

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