Muscle Ease, Muscle and Joint Pain Relief

Muscle Ease, Muscle and Joint Pain Relief

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Product Category: Pain Relief
Product Sub-Category: Muscle Joint Pain Relief

Product Details:
INGREDIENT: Radix Ginseng (ren sheng) Rhizoma Ligustici (chuan qiong) Radix Paeoniae Alba (bai shao) Radix Glycyrrhizae (gan cao) Ramulus Mori (sang zhi) Rhizoma Corydalis (yan hu suo) INDICATION: The natural supplements developed to promote the relaxation of stiff muscles and joints. It is ideal for computer users as it soothes tight muscles in the head, neck, shoulders and back, facilitates the movements of shoulder and wrist joints, and maintain regularity of the nerve system. It is strongly recommended for computer users and office workers. RECOMMENDATION: 2 capsules each time and 2 times a day. PACKAGE: 60 capsules / bottle

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