Slim Sweet Natural Sweetener 1 gm/50 pkts from TriMedica

Slim Sweet Natural Sweetener 1 gm/50 pkts from TriMedica

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Slim Sweet Natural Sweetener The Amazing Natural Alternative Contains less than one carb and zero calories per serving! Does not promote fat storage! The first all-natural low-carb alternative! TriMedica Slim Sweet (SlimSweet) is an incredibly exciting new low-carb alternative! Now everyone can enjoy Slim Sweet’s great taste without worrying about carbs or calories. Now available in convenient, easy-to-use packets, shakers or one pound jars. Slim Sweet – Lose the Carbs and Gain the Taste Slim Sweet is an incredible exciting new sweetener that provides benefits no other sweetener can! Now everyone can enjoy Slim Sweet’s great sweet taste without worrying about calories, cholesterol, weight gain or harmful insulin surges caused by other sweeteners (even natural ones). A tiny bit of Slim Sweet goes a long way! Slim Sweet Natural Sweetener tastes just like sugar but is 15 times sweeter than table sugar! One-fifth teaspoon is equal to 3 teaspoons of sugar. Unlike all other sugars, revolutionary new Slim Sweet contains ZERO CALORIES PER SERVING and actually helps burn fat while you eat! Plus Slim Sweet does not significantly elevate insulin levels which means that it is safe even for most diabetics or hypoglycemics! Most people don’t realize that common sweeteners, such as table sugar, honey, brown sugar, high fructose corn syrup and artificial sweeteners, are all high-glycemic, which means they elevate insulin and blood sugar (glucose) levels. Elevated insulin and glucose levels encourage the body to store fat and greatly increase your chances of developing serious illnesses. Slim Sweet differs from other sweeteners because it is low-glycemic and does not elevate insulin or blood sugar levels. Slim Sweet also has thermogenic properties, which means that it helps burn stored fats. What is Han Lo Gold: Lo Han Kuo is the fruit of Momordica grosvenorii, a plant cultivated in the mountains of southern China. Mogrosides, which are water extracted from the Lo Han fruit, offer a pleasant and sweet taste, without elevating blood sugar. Lo Han Kuo Mogrosides are up to 250x sweeter than sugar. Derived from Real Fruit: SlimSweet tastes great with no chemical aftertaste. Plus, SlimSweet does not significantly elevate triglycerides or cholesterol. Once you try SlimSweet, you’ll never eat sugar again! Slim Sweet Ingredients: All-natural, low glycemic fruit concentrate. (Han Lo) NO saccharin, aspartame or chemicals. Suggested Use: Add 1/2 – 1 scoop to your favorite foods or beverages. (1/2 scoop = 1 g = 0 calories)

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