Celadrin 350mg 90 softgels, from Doctor’s Best

Celadrin 350mg 90 softgels, from Doctor's Best

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Product Category: Bone Joint Health
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Celadrin is a unique formulation of esterified (stable) fatty acids that has been shown to reduce certain effects related to pronounced inflammatory processes that can occur in the body. Being a complex molecule consisting of various fatty acids, it is able to penetrate cell membranes, which enhances membrane permeability and cell-to-cell signaling. In doing so, Celadrin may reduce the level of inflammatory components of the immune system from binding to cells and thus causing occasional inflammation in different parts of the body. Increased Range of Motion in Joints Research has shown that Celadrin can have an impact on improving the range of motion in joints. A placebo-controlled trial conducted in 2002 showed that those individuals taking a complex containing Celadrin for 2 months had a significant improvement in knee flexion (ability to bend the knee) over those taking a placebo. Another study conducted on Celadrin published in 2004 concluded that treatment “significantly increased physical performance (as measured by a variety of orthopedic tests)” in patients with compromised knee mobility. The study found that the subjects given Celadrin showed improvement in their ability to climb stairs, rise from a chair and walk, along with an improved sense of balance, strength and endurance. Maintains Joint Comfort The anti-inflammatory actions of Celadrin have been demonstrated by one double-blind, placebo controlled trial that showed Celadrin, when taken orally at recommended intake levels, decreased pain scores and increased walking distance compared to the group receiving placebo. The authors theorize that Celadrin may work by down-regulating the effect of certain precursors of the body’s inflammatory response. Supplement Facts Serving size: 3 softgels Amount per serving Calories per serving 5 Calories from fat 5 Celadrin 1050mg A proprietary blend of esterified fatty acid carbon (EFAC) of myristate, myristoleate, laurate, oleate, palmitate, and palmitoleate with tapiocal. Other ingredients: Soft capsules (gelatin, glycerin, carob), soy oil, salmon oil. Suggested Use: Take three Celadrin softgel capsules daily, with or without food. Please note that each capsule contains 350 mg of Celadrin, in the form of a fatty liquid. The 350 mg in Celadrin s/g is virtually identical in actual active ingredient to the 500 mg of Celadrin "complex" that is in Celadrin 90C and in Celadrin Complex with Glucosamine. The other 150 mg of material in the "Celadrin complex" is material to enable the fatty liquid to be made into a powder form.

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