Satya Eczema Cream – Eczema care for babies

Satya Eczema Cream – Eczema care for babies
Satya Eczema Cream - Eczema care for babies

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Product Category: Health & Wellness
Product Sub-Category: Balm & Oil

The wise woman knows that true magic always starts with clear intention and the right tools. We have formulated this anti-aging Magic Face Potion to be a powerful self care tool for women over 40 who intend to move forward with vitality and clarity. Read our ingredients, they speak for themselves. – Empower your journey to wellness with our powerful self-care tool designed exclusively for women over 40, ensuring a rejuvenating and transformative experience tailored to meet the unique needs of this vibrant stage of life.

Product Details:

Get natural eczema relief anytime with Satya Organic in a convenient glide stick format, travel tin, or refill pouch. This oil-based balm contains anti-inflammatory colloidal oats, which are medically proven to reduce eczema symptoms, but without the chemical ingredients that you’ll find in most drugstore brands.

Easy stick for kids to use with less mess! Great for your car, backpack, or gym bag, Satya Eczema Cream delivers the relief you need when you’re on the go! Use it as often as needed. Rich, nutrient oil-based balm. Dermatologist-tested. Safe for babies. Gentle on delicate areas like eyelids. Non-stinging, fragrance-free formula. Hypoallergenic and gluten-free. USDA Certified Organic.

3 Formats Available: Refillable Glide Stick, Travel Tin, or Refill Pouch. Made in Canada.

“This stick is fantastic. It makes it so easy to apply the balm, and I don’t have to wash my hands. The balm itself works to soothe my daughter’s skin immediately, and the patches start fading in a day or two. We’ll be customers for life!” – Amna P.

Brand: The Eczema Company

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