Energy Flash Sublingual 90 tabs from Biotherapies

Energy Flash Sublingual 90 tabs from Biotherapies

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Energy Flash Sublingual Tablets Nutritional support in fatigue, adrenal fatigue, chronic fatigue and related syndromes. Energy Flash contains a proprietary mixture of patented adrenal and mesenchyme specific cell signaling factors in an active base of arabinogalactans. The concentration of the ingredients in Energy Flash is fine-tuned to provide the appropriate dose for fatigue or support during and after CF Support supplementation. One bottle of Energy Flash contains 90 sublingual tabs. Patented Molecular Extraction Process: Atrium Biotechnologies, in collaboration with its parent company AEterna Laboratories, has developed a patented biotechnological process to isolate and concentrate protein molecules in their natural state. This process allows for selection of desired molecules according to their size and weight. Once the desired fraction of molecules is concentrated, they are freeze-dried to retain their freshness, potency and bioavailability. The end product is a concentrated molecular compound of the highest possible bioavailability. Energy Flash Components: Energy Flash contains two patented freeze-dried cell signaling factors, mesenchyme and adrenal. These specific growth factors are combined in a scientific formula with freeze-dried arabinogalactans. These molecular extracts from the adrenal and mesenchyme are highly bioavailable and of the highest quality available on the market today. Glandular substances are organ-specific rather than species-specific. This means that theses growth and cell signaling factors have enough genetic similarity to be able to assist similar cells in the human body, without antibody resistance. Enhancing adrenal functions is an important goal when providing nutritional support in fatigue and related syndromes. NatCell Adrenal are growth factors carefully freeze-dried liquid molecular extract from porcine adrenal tissues that may help support healthy adrenal functions in humans. NatCell Mesenchyme is a liquid molecular extract from porcine source. During embryological development these cells form organ tissues, connective tissues, nervous system, etc, In-vitro experiments have proved that the molecular fraction of NatCell Mesenchyme has the ability to increase cellular metabolism without affecting the cellular proliferation. Energy Flash Ingredients: Amount per serving (ml) Freeze-dried Porcine Adrenal Extract 2.5 mg Freeze-dried Porcine Mesenchyme Extract 2.5 mg Freeze-dried Arabinogalactan Extract 10 mg Dextrate, Polacrilin Potassium, Magnesium Stearate. Directions: Dissolve 1 tab under the tongue, 3 times daily, 15 minutes before meals or as recommended by a health care professional. Caution: Do not use if security seal is broken or missing. This product may not be suitable for: 1) pregnant or nursing women 2) persons with nervous and/or circulatory conditions 3) persons taking immuno-suppressants 4) children under 12 years of age 5) persons allergic to porcine products

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