Ener-Jet Energy Pill 60 caps from Health Plus

Ener-Jet Energy Pill 60 caps from Health Plus

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Product Category: Energy Enhancer
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Product Details:
Ener Jet – All Natural Proprietary Blend of Herbs to help Promote Energy, Endurance and Stamina. Modern lifestyles can be demanding and stressful. Be good to your body with sound nutrition, dietary supplements, exercise and sufficient sleep. Rejuvenate your system naturally without stimulants with a daily dose of Ener-Jet. Ener-Jet Includes: Chinese Red Ginseng – Tonifying for the heart. Adaptogenic and restorative. Adaptogens help the body maintain vitality by resisting the effects of stress. They are used synergistically with other tonifying herbs to build strength and promote energy. Damiana – Tonifying for the central nervous system and the hormonal system. Helpful in regulating moods. Fo-ti – In Chinese Herbal Medicine, traditionally used in the treatment of all deficiency conditions. Tonifying, restorative for liver, kidney and blood. Gotu Kola – Restorative herb for the central nervous system, memory, nerves and circulation and helpful with fatigue. Sarsaparilla – Restorative herb that promotes circulation, energy, endurance and stamina. Contains substances useful for glandular balancing. Licorice – In Chinese Herbal Medicine used frequently in combination other herbs because of its harmonizing effects. Effective in supporting liver, kidney and adrenal function. Dosage Recommended: 2 Ener-Jet caspules daily.

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