Rogisen for Night Vision, 30 Tabs, As Seen on TV

Rogisen for Night Vision, 30 Tabs, As Seen on TV

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What Is Rogisen? Rogisen is a premium, all-natural supplement specifically designed to boost night vision and improve overall ocular health. You do not need a prescription to take Rogisen. Rogisen contains no known harmful ingredients. The contents of Rogisen are a premium blend of high-quality natural ingredients specially formulated to help improve night vision and general ocular health. As with any supplements, if you are experiencing health problems of any kind you should consult your physician before use. For better night vision and ocular health naturally, try Rogisen. Introducing a safe, effective way to improve your night vision. The human eye is one of the most important organs in the body. When healthy, the eye provides a wide range of vision, allowing us to see in bright sunlight or on dark nights. But as we age, our range of vision is typically reduced. Usually, the first symptom of this is trouble seeing at night. Now there’s a way to combat the effects of age on our night vision–Rogisen. Rogisen is the once-daily supplement that supports improved night vision and general ocular health. Rogisen consists of a proprietary blend of key vitamins, minerals, and other natural ingredients. These elements are carefully balanced to deliver the maximum benefit for improving night vision and general ocular health. Vision problems and night blindness can be symptoms of a more serious medical condition. Consult your doctor if you experience sudden or severe vision loss, or if you have any other symptoms that may indicate ocular disease. The Importance of Night Vision “Night vision” is the term used to describe how well we can see in dim light or at night. As we age, our ability to see at night decreases. The primary cause of this is a deficiency of visual purple (rhodopsin) in the light-sensitive rod cells of the retina at the back of the eye. This phenomenon can make driving at night extremely dangerous. For example, our eyes may not be able to recover as quickly from bright, on-coming headlights. Essentially, we lose rhodopsin when we do not have enough vitamin A in our diet. Rhodopsin is created when the chemicals retinal and opsin combine within the rods in our eyes. And in order to create retinal, our body needs an ample supply of vitamin A. But while rhodopsin is the primary factor required for healthy night vision, overall eye health must also be maintained. This requires a host of nutrients, all of which can be found in Rogisen, the once-daily caplet for night vision and ocular health. Rogisen’s Proprietary Blend Rogisen consists of a proprietary blend of key vitamin, mineral, and natural ingredients. These elements are carefully balanced to deliver the maximum benefit for enhancing night vision and general ocular health. Supplement Facts Servings Size: 1 caplet Vitamin A (100% as beta-carotene) 5,000 IU 100 Vitamin C (as ascorbic acid) 250 mg 417 Vitamin E (as dl-alpha-tocopheryl acetate) 100 IU 333 Zinc (zinc citrate and as zinc oxide) 40 mg 267 Selenium (as selenium L-methionine complex) 200 mcg 286 Copper (as cupric oxide) 2 mg 100 Rogisen Proprietary Blend: Red wine grape skin (37% total polyphenols), orange bioflavonoids (30-40% total flavanones, flavonols and flavones), Ginkgo biloba leaf standardized extract, European bilberry standardized extracts, L-glutathione, lutein/zeaxanthin (active 5:1 ratio) 307 mg Directions: Take one caplet daily A Rogisen Success Story Max is a school bus driver. At age 53, he’s been driving for the same school district for nearly 20 years. His duties have him driving at all hours of the day–early morning, mid-morning, afternoon, and also evenings and nights, when he drives the school sports teams to their various events. Six months ago, Max noticed it was getting tougher to see in the morning light and at night. Since he has to keep a sharp eye out for children around his school bus, he was very concerned about his vision loss. Max visited his eye doctor for a checkup and mentioned his problem. The doctor examined him and found no serious problems. He told Max that night vision does decrease somewhat as people age, and recommended that Max try Rogisen. A few months after he started taking Rogisen, Max noticed that it was easier to see in the dim light of mornings and evenings. Now, six months later, Max no longer squints to see in the twilight and can see better after dark, too.

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